actor resume - Ethan Erickson
actor resume - Ethan Erickson
actor resume - Ethan Erickson
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actor resume - Ethan Erickson
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Christopher Thomas
SAG AEA AFTRA British Actors Equity (American Member)
Height: 6’1” Weight: 180 lbs. Hair: Silver Eyes: Brown

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences        British Academy of Film and Television Arts
The Players NYC    Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters  


With your strong characterization and accent you can walk the streets of South Africa and pass”
Athold Fugard   Author-Director, The Blood Knot, Sizwe Bansi Is Dead

“He’s what we call bullet proof…you can’t shoot holes in his performance…He lifts the word off the paper and makes them better than the author intended. I know because I’ve written for him”
Stephen Kronish   Executive Producer-Writer, Stephen J. Cannell Productions

“He’s inventive...the best Ben ever…charming and dangerous”
Janet Suzman   Award Winning Director, Death Of A Salesman, Clywd Theatr Cymru, Wales
“ I doubt that a better “Death Of A Salesman” will be seen on the British stage for years to come”.
Daily Telegraph UK

“He is a character actor”
Stella Adler   Drama Teacher

“What a pleasure he is to work with”
Marlena Laird  Two-Time Emmy Award Winning Director, General Hospital 

“Strong actor … Strong”
Tony Shepherd   Executive Casting Director, Aaron Spelling Productions

“He can take on any role and make it his. What a gem. Treasure  him”
Hindi Brooks  Writer, Who’s Who in American Film, Former Writers Governor, Academy of Television
Arts and Sciences

“I was so taken by his versatility…It was hard to believe the same actor played the two roles” 
(David O. Selznick and Peter Finch)
Mark Malis   Former VP Television Casting, Universal Studios

“Your extraordinary performance as David O. Selznick remains carved in my memory.
 You played Selznick as I knew him…you were being him”
Sunny Alexander (Lash)  Secretary to and personal friend of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier